Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Infertility: Give Up or Read The Pregnancy Miracle?

Sometimes, the diagnosis of infertility can make women give up on wanting a baby, thinking there is no cure or treatment that will work without a lot of medications or other treatment. Sometimes the medical profession does not reveal all the information that is available to women and that often includes methods that are natural and holistic in nature. Those methods can be found in the “Pregnancy Miracle” by Lisa Olson.

Lisa Olson has developed a comprehensive and resourceful book that contains everything the traditional medical profession will not reveal. There is no easy answer to infertility, but the possibilities are multiplied when using methods developed in the Far East. Eastern medicine takes a much different approach to treating and healing health issues. Western methods of treatment are geared toward treating symptoms first and the cause second. Eastern methods of treatment are geared toward finding the cause and treating that rather than just treating symptoms.

If you have tried the traditional methods that did not work, you owe it to yourself to read Lisa Olson’s book and explore the less traditional methods offered by Eastern medicine. Ms. Olson’s book is filled with healing facts and methods to identify the problem areas. Ms. Olson’s book is not meant to be a self diagnosis book, but rather a guide to help you identify the possible problem areas. Knowing where the problems lie is a step toward finding a method that will work, erase infertility and help you become pregnant.

Giving up on finding a treatment for infertility is not an option for most people until they have exhausted every avenue possible to finding a method that is best for you. The “Pregnancy Miracle” will put you on the right track to a cure when traditional methods have failed. It does not matter the reason for infertility, any reason can be addressed including tubal obstruction, high levels of FSH or PCOS and uterus scarring.

The “Pregnancy Material” is a five step plan for conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby. Infertility is seen as an interaction between opposites such as male and female, hot and cold, light and dark. Chinese medicine describes the opposites as the Yin and Yang. The Yin and Yang is present in every living thing, with each having a part of the other in its realm. Chinese medicine and the Yin and Yang philosophy find the balance between two energies. To experience good health and a properly working body, it must contain a portion of the opposite energy.

Ms. Olson’s book describes the connection between good and bad energy and the necessity of finding the balance to create fertility. Infertility means something is out of balance, and the reproduction system is aware something is not quite right and puts up the infertility wall until the balance is recreated. Traditional treatments only treat the symptoms put up by the infertility wall. That treatment often just disguises the symptoms and does not allow the true problem to be fixed. Traditional treatment is often just a temporary fix and soon after what is considered success, the same symptoms reappear.

Reading Lisa Olson’s book will provide the endless possibilities to solve the mystery of infertility, but you must first embrace the knowledge of the ages that provides the answers to even the most far reaching problems. The fact that there are reasons for infertility that is beyond the reason of modern medicine should prompt anyone to seek other methods for solutions to age problems such as infertility.

Where Western medicine has modernized, Eastern medicine has stayed true to its beliefs of natural methods using natural ingredients rather than manufactured medicines and invasive procedures. While Ms. Olson does not have all the answers, she presents a blue print that will address infertility and proven alternate methods that have been met with heartwarming and blessed success. If you would like to know more we recommend this Pregnancy Miracle review.

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